Free SQL Query Tool


Connect to ODBC/ADO Datasources

Connect to any ODBC/ADO database which is supported by your operating system.

SQL Syntax Highlighting

Autocomplete and Syntax Highlighting for faster and convenient Development.

Core Module Queryer

Run SQL Queries on the connected Database.

Queryer Tool Replace

Replace text and text-parts within the SQL query results.

Queryer Tool Filter

Filter out records using filters on the SQL query results.

Queryer Tool Auto Case

Convert the SQL query results to lowercase or uppercase.

Queryer Tool Concat

Add text before and/or after the original cell value of the SQL query results.

Queryer Tool Unique

Get only unique records and filter out all multiple occurring duplicates using ehe filter Unique on the SQL query results.

Queryer Tool Double

Get only the multiply occurring records within the SQL query results using filter Double.

Source & Destination

Connect two Queryer as Source and Destination to use other core modules.

Core Module Comparer

Compare the SQL query results of the two connected data sources Source and Destination.
Compare databases on different server sites or even different database engines like MySQL to CSV.

Core Module Mover

The Mover generates an insert or update statment for each record from the Source and executes it on the Destination.
This is a fast an easy way to move data around.

Core Module ForEach

Execute an custom SQL Statment ForEach record within the Source on the Destination.
Use plaecholder from the Source SQL result

Core Module CrossJoin

Cross Join SQL query results from different databases, locations or server sites afterwards.
It is even possible to join an CSV or Excel file to an MySQL table.

Download & Donate

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using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Data;
namespace IPlugin {
    public enum pluginType {
    public enum pluginHook {
    public interface IPlugin {
        Image Icon();
        String Name { get; set; }
        String Description { get; set; }
        String Author { get; set; }
        String Version { get; set; }
        pluginType Type { get; set; }
        pluginHook Hook { get; set; }
        DataTable Process(
          DataTable Data,
          String Arg

Open Plugin System (#C)

Feel free to develop DataTable Plugins to import, export or manipulate the SQL query result afterwards. If you need any help just contact me.

Roadmap what's next

  • ODBC: Add ODBC Drivers
  • ADO: Add ADO Drivers
  • Create: Schema (Create Table/Drop Table)
  • Edit: Schema (Alter Table)
  • Import: Schema
  • Export: Schema
  • Sync: Schema
  • Sync: Data
  • Backup Database (Local Outfile/Local Infile)
  • Syntax: improve highlighting
  • Syntax: auto suggestion
  • Mover: move in chunks
  • Plugin Export: add formats
  • Plugin Import: add formats

  • Contact & Imprint

    Dennis Mittmann
    Steinstra├če 35
    41836 H├╝ckelhoven - Ratheim